Easy Asio

An early start at Hesketh hoping for a repeat of the Wigeonfest from yesterday. The number of duck on the reserve at the minute is incredible, but the high tides have put a lot of water into the pools so they’re spread out and take a long time to work through. Highlight of the day […]

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Dad’s gone to Greenland

After a family day out at Martin Mere, I had a really productive hour and a half at Marshside looking over Crossens Outer until dusk. The highlight was probably a neck collar Greenland Whitefront that was in with the Pinks, but it had some competition. The bird was just too distant and the light not […]

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What’s good for the goose…

A 3 1/2 hours stint from dawn at Hesketh this morning. It was a birding battle with the constant strong southerly, poor light and light drizzle, but I gradually notched up a decent list of birds. It felt wintry and the birds were very much a winter haul too. Seems like autumn is well and […]

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A smidgen of Wigeon

A late start despite the clocks changing, just couldn’t get out of bed this morning – must have been all those miles pounding the bank of the Thames looking for gulls last week. I got to Hesketh and wandered up to Shelter Pool. There was around 1,000 Wigeon on the pool or grazing on the […]

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Hen’s teeth

After over a week away from patch following a holiday in London, it was nice to arrive at Hesketh at dawn this morning. The northerly wind was bitter, but there were plenty of birds on the pools and the air was full of whistling Wigeon and trumpeting Whoopers. Around 30 Whoopers on the reserve itself […]

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They were all yellow

A couple of hours at Thames Barrier Park yesterday morning just after the early low tide. The harsh sunlight made viewing (and photographing) the birds difficult, but still managed 7 species of Gull and a nice mix of ages. Yellow-legged Gulls were the highlights – I just don’t get to see very many in Lancs […]

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X marks the spot

Another 4 hour stint from dawn at Hesketh Golf Course this morning. Again, really enjoyable despite not really seeing much quality. Highlight was easily a party of 4 Crossbill that flew over reasonably low giving their distinctive call. They were heading east and came through at about 11.15am and provided a welcome reward for the […]

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Beardie birdies

Despite the forecast torrential rain, I headed out at dawn and spent about 3 hours on a deserted Hesketh Golf Course looking for migrants. The only other person I saw was the Greenkeeper and he was wisely in a golf buggy. Still the bushes had plenty of birds in them with some nice tit flocks […]

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Double helpings

A double dose of Hesketh today broken up by an overly optimistic Scoter search. Started at dawn and the drake American Wigeon was showing well on shelter pool with about 400 Eurasian birds. Shame it was so murky as I probably could have got some decent shots. Nice to watch it without a force 10 […]

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Baldpate 2

A few better images of the male bird here:   Also much better of the female. I think the axillaries colour/pattern may rule out American, but waiting for further feedback – great looking bird, and all other elements look spot on, including what can be seen of the upper wing.

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