Dawn and Dusk

Got into some sort of rhythm now with this restricted birding, through almost daily visits to Longton Marsh either before work at dawn or after at dusk. It’s over managed and certainly over grazed, there’s not enough cover, but it has its moments and its a welcome change from the garden.

Highlights since the last post have been some new migrants in or through and signs of  the residents starting to breed.

  • First Willow Warbler 8 April
  • First Whimbrel 9 April. 33 into the roost of the evening of 16 April
  • 5 Wheatear 11 April, reduced to 3 the next day and they stayed until 14 April. Certainly 2 of the birds looked like Greenlands, so I suspect the whole group were.
  • Up to 12 Corn Buntings still in their winter flock 11 April onwards
  • First Blackcap 12 April
  • Several Grey Partridge on most days including birds singing on 15 April
  • First Common Sand 16 April (in near darkness)
  • 2 Yellow Wags over 17 April (look at that flight shot!)
  • First Whitethroat 17 April
  • Up to 12 Avocets

In the garden, the lockdown list has now climbed to 57, with 2 new full ticks – 2 flyover Rook and a singing Nuthatch. Also 2 pairs (or the same pair twice) of Bullfinch were only the 2nd and 3rd records. Butterfly species starting to creep up too with Orange Tip, Speckled Wood and Holly Blue all added.


No more unusual raptors, but I’ve quite enjoyed snapping the common ones – a few silhouettes here:

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