Can’t see the Wood for the trees

An early start in the mist and frost this morning – the marsh looked stunning in the low orange sun.

Pete Allen was on the platform and already watching yesterday’s duller Curlew Sand in with 50 or so Dunlin.

We had both planned to go on the golf course so joined forces and started to work through it. The residents were singing and a single Redpoll over, but disappointingly quiet despite a reasonable effort. Pete carried on on his circuit and I decided to double back.

Just as I was about to give up and go back to wader watching, I heard a nice fluety almost Bullfinch like call coming from one of the small Willows by the 6th green. Wood Warbler – superb. Struggling to let Pete know and keep on the bird, lucklily I saw him come over the bank so signalled him to let him know. I managed my only shots just before it moved into the larger trees by the wooden bridge.

img_7645img_7646 The bird was an odd singer, not really giving the classic spinning coin ending, but plenty of fluety notes and some recognisable bits. We watched it off and on for half an hour – it gave us the run around, tantalising perching in the tops of trees, just to disappear as our camera’s were clicked. I gave up, wanting to go back to the waders, but Pete persevered and managed some decent images which he showed me later in the day – what a great bird.

The Curlew Sand had moved down to Junction and was joined by a Knot and 2 Common Sand.


A quick visit to Crossens Inner and the 2nd Curlew Sand of the day was showing well in with around 100 Dunlin. Another different bird, redder than the bird on Rimmers (which was still there) but not as advanced as the one from Thursday with more white just above the bill. So the 3rd one in 3 days – nice.




On to Hesketh and the pools were very quiet, but 8 Arctic Terns getting frisky was nice to see. My 1st 2 Common Tern of the year also drifted through, but were given a bit of grief by the Arctics so didn’t stop.

The Channel Wagtail was still knocking around in the fields, and I managed some half decent footage – a subtle, but lovely looking bird.



Should probably of concentrated on the passerines today, but I can’t resist the waders……

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