Flavour Flava

After a weekend in London, I managed a couple of hours this morning at Hesketh and a flying visit to Marshside.

A nice selection of species and plumages, but yesterday’s storm was still petering out at dawn, so compared to last week it was pretty grim.

Hesketh had a few nice waders – 2 Whimbrel (one on the pools and one drinking from a puddle on the field lanes), a stunning breeding plumage Spotted Red and 2 Greenshank the highlights. All a bit distant though so no pics. The pools are still too deep for smaller species, should be spot on by next weekend.

A Barn Owl was hunting the fence line, drake Eider, plenty of Whitethroat and a couple of Sedges chattering away.


In search of Yellow Wags and I tracked them down in a new field. On the way there a couple of Grey Partridge shuffled past – always nice to see these rather than their introduced Red-legged cousins.


At least 7 Yellow Wags in the fields including this Channel type – white super and mauve tones in its crown and nape – a lovely looking bird and the pics don’t do it justice.


Literally 10 minutes at Marshside and I finally managed to get a Garganey on the year list – bird number 139 between Hesketh, Marshside and Banks in 2019. 1st picked up in flight as a mixed group of duck were flushed by a GBB – it’s frosty wings standing out as they banked and swerved. Unfortunately when it settled, it went straight to sleep!


An aberrant drake Teal was also of interest – a very odd looking bird, much paler than the classic males in the group.


A relaxing family visit to Martin Mere for the rest of the day, where a quick look in the new hide added a further 8 Whimbrel and 2 LRP. Highlight though was a pair of adult Meds over the play park calling as I was pushing Sadie on the zip wire.

Some bug inspired homework to complete when we got home – the best being this Angle Shades on the fence.


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