Sexy Saxicola

Some more early morning birding, and it was nice to get some reward in the guise of a simply stunning male Whinchat.

They are a jewel of a bird, a bit like a mini jazzed-up Wheatear, with their lovely orange tones, white super and tail pattern. This bird was feeding with 2 male Wheatears on the same patch of ground in the Sand Plant and as I watched them from the banking by the fence they congregated on a nearby bleached out log, allowing me to take about 1,000 images!


What a beauty, but this Wheatear didn’t want to be out shone:


The Greenland Whitefront was still on Crossens Outer – this bird has caused some confusion and comment, but to me it’s a Greenlander:

  • Peachy orange bill with an elongated structure.
  • Generally dark colouration (although on the paler side for Greenland). The head colouration is pretty concurrent and not darker by the bill as in Russians
  • Tail pattern with a very narrow white tip is spot on for Greenland, not so for Russian
  • Structure in general – a big goose, not dainty like a Russian.


A quick visit to Hesketh, where the tide has covered much of the wader mud. It still managed to provide a couple more highlights though – a vision of an adult Little Gull was fluttering around, provoking the Black-heads before scampering across the water and eventually settling down for a few photo’s.


Also my first Arctic Tern’s of the year were resting up on the fence line – nice to hear their shrieking calls again.


Away for the weekend, back to the Ribble next week……

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