Around the world in 8 top geese

Still having the sheer volume of geese on Crossens and Banks in April is fantastic. Some simply superb goosing to be had at the minute and some cracking birds seen with Pete & Mark today. Goose around the world….

Melville Island, Canadian High Arctic – Grey-bellied Brant (Banks Marsh)


North America – North American Canada Goose (Banks Marsh)


Western Greenland – Greenland White-fronted Goose (Crossens Outer)


Siberia, Russia – Russian White-fronted Goose (Crossens Outer)


Eastern Greenland and Svalbard, Arctic Ocean – Barnacle Goose (Crossens Outer)


Northern Europe – Greylag, presumed wild bird (Crossens Outer)

Local Breeder – Shelduck


Iceland – Pink-footed Goose


Other highlights were 4 Goosanders and 2 Wheatears at Hesketh


Excuse any errors in geography, but you get the idea…………..


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