Big fun

Big fun with the big spring tides. A few highlights as follows:

Hesketh Road/golf course – adult Med Gull and 2 Cattle Egrets, several Chiffchaffs singing, 6 Siskin


The 2 Scaup still at Junction Pool and 1st Wheatear of the year on the Sand Plant


Hesketh Out Marsh – 45 Avocet, 3 Spotted Red


Banks Marsh – Plenty of waders milling about the pools – 1,000 Golden Plover, 50 Grey Plover, 50 Knot, 500 Dunlin. Highlights were a distant adult Russian Whitefront, Barnacle, 7 Eider and Spoonbill.


A few raptors too with mega views of Merlin and more distant of Peregrine.


Crossens Inner & Outer – A goose spectacle with several thousand Pinks, 2 more Russian Whitefronts, both presumed 1w and one in active body moult and 5 Barnacle.


Best of all were simply amazing views of the North American Canada. It started off a little distant


But a relocation and some slow and steady positioning resulted in probably the best views of a rare species of wildfowl I can remember – and not a hide in sight! Excuse the number of images – a carried away kind of moment and a very special one for me.



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