Anas horribilis

The awful weather continues, but had a few hours at Hesketh this morning to combat the cabin fever.

Torrential rain and strong westerlies make it hard to bird the west side, but I fancied a look at the waders. A decent selection on there with 2 Greenshank, 6 Dunlin, 13 Avocet and a lot of Redshank. Highlights were the 3 Spotted Red, a couple of which are starting to gain some black feathers. I watched them feeding for an hour as I was hunkered into the bank – really enjoying their gangly feeding runs and swimming antics.


Raptors were thin on the ground, probably due to the weather, but a large female Peregrine was stooping the main gutter trying to flush the Wigeon out.

A Great Crested Grebe on the far west pool was a nice Spring record


A couple of hundred Pinks flew over and looked like the landed on the East so I gave that side a go. Couldn’t find the geese, but a scan of the Wigeon produced the drake American – I’d not seen it for a quite a few weeks, but maybe more due to me not looking at the East side, rather than it not being here.


Back home to dry out – waterproofs were absolutely saturated, but they did their job. Despite the weather, I really enjoyed it – didn’t see another person either which is always a bonus….

Yesterday an hour at Marshside produced the 2 Scaup, 4 Barnacles, Med Gull and a colour ringed Avocet from Nosterfield LNR making a return for its second year. Pictures below are: 1. ringed as chick at Nosterfield, June 2016, Marshside March 2018 and 2 from Marshside March 2019



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