Casper the friendly ghost

Couldn’t resist a go at the gulls at Redgate Recycling Centre following recent photo’s coming from there.

What a great site! 2cy Caspian, 2cy Iceland and plenty of argentatus Herrings in the mix including one bird with very reduced black in the wingtip.

The Iceland gives ridiculous views and doesn’t spook when it is sat on its favourite nearby roof – quite a well marked, darkish bird.


The Casp is a beauty, its head glowing in the mancunian gloom. Only on view for a few minutes and unfortunately, the other birders on site had disappeared. It was on the roof I think it’s been favouring which is reasonably distant so the pics aren’t great, but the scope views were. Great looking bird.



This Polish rung Black-headed Gull was also nice to see.


Finally a couple of pics of the odd argentatus – sadly it never flew or raised its wings (or moved for that matter). Plus another one showing a nice dark mantle.


Top gulling……


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