Brief encounter(s)

A dawn visit to Hesketh yesterday looking through the duck, was interrupted when a wader flushed from one of the pools by the bank – it stayed fairly low, did a couple of circles quite close to me and then headed off towards the east part of the reserve where it appeared to drop in.

Unmistakably a Dowitcher species with its dusky colouration, long chunky bill, white shaft up its back, and long, thin winged appearance. The tail looked pretty dark this combined with the bill length made me think Long-billed, but try as I might, I couldn’t find it again.

Had to get to work and then a really busy day, but as I knew Pete and Mark would be there later, I asked them to look out for it. They saw it briefly on the deck in a similar place to where it had flushed from. They also thought Long-billed – bill long, no retained juv tertials showing Short-billed pattern etc.

Any way – there again first thing and it was once again on the west side, but just before I could photo a Peregrine came through and cleared everything. I lost it in the chaos and couldn’t find it again despite a number of hours searching. My impression still very much a Long-billed.

Didn’t really get chance to go through the ducks etc, but 4 Goosander, lot of Snipe, Grey Plover, 200+ Whoopers in the fields, Kingfisher, 2 juv Marsh Harrier together etc.



Sat collar 12 Pink at Hundred End and a Turnstone at Banks only other birds of note.


Maybe tomorrow….


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