Goosing is the Anser

Really enjoyed the close up views of a flock of about 2,000 Pinks in Banks recently. Few things are more relaxing and absorbing than watching and listening to a settled goose flock feed. Highlight has undoubtedly been the Greenland Whitefront that’s been with them every time I’ve scanned the flock. There seems to have been quite a few displaced this year and there are at least 3 around the Ribble currently – this bird, one on the Fylde and the neck collar bird I found the other week. I don’t get to see them often and rarely as close as this bird has been – they’re a great looking bird with their white blaze and tiger belly stripes.


There has also been 2 Greylags – I assume these are wild birds, but they could in theory have been picked up from the feral flocks out on the estuary, 2 neck collars (VLX & VBZ) and a partially leucistic bird.


There were also 2 Barnacle the other day by Hundred End. Hopefully we’ll get a vagrant Canada or something in with them over the next couple of months…..


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