Terned out nice again

A midday walk along Ainsdale beach with Claire for the high tide was a real spectacle – I’d forgotten just how fantastic it is here when the waders get pushed in by a big one. A couple of stubborn dog walkers/bird flushers disturbed the birds, but the poor forecast probably put plenty off even though it actually turned warm with a haze of sunshine. Nice to see some Ribble birding regulars out as well.

The terns screeched and floated around in circles, settling on the beach when they got chance. Several hundred Sandwich, fewer Common and the highlight being an adult and juv Little – beautiful birds with such a distinctive call, it was great to watch this pair at fairly close range.


A short video of the adult here – it was ringed, would really like to have known the origin of it.

I’d actually come looking for gulls, but apart from a distant adult Med, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary among the Herrings, Common and LBB’s.IMG_9387

As I say, the waders were superb as they whirled about with the tide pushing them ever nearer.

The undoubted highlight was an adult Curlew Sand feeding on the tide line – I wonder if this is the same bird Mark had on the 1st August? Great waders, and satisfying to find in the throng of birds.IMG_9395

Other highlights were 3 Turnstone, flyby Grey Plover, a few Bar-tailed Godwit and Knot including a flagged bird and a colour ringed Sanderling. I only got one legs worth of data, but the other one had another ring and a flag – it only flashed that once and I my brain couldn’t register the combination. I wonder if it’s the¬†Mauritanian one Richard Du Fue had at Formby? Could watch these wader flocks all day, but we were supposed to be on a walk!IMG_9424IMG_9451IMG_9431IMG_9443

The wader species here added to the ones from Hesketh Out Marsh this morning, including Greenshank and LRP, gave me a day total of 19 – not bad! Also at least 20 Yellow Wags on Hesketh East this morning – I grilled them for a long overdue for a Citrine, but not today……




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