Tern it in

An early start again to see  yesterday’s reported Wood Sand near Stanley High School at Marshside. It didn’t disappoint and was feeding away close to the public footpath on the pools. It had disappeared by the time I’d done the golf course and returned, but maybe it was just hiding in some of the rushy edges – cracking bird in the early morning light.


I left Marshside as the loud speaker system cranked up for the Triathlon, and decided to head for Hesketh Out Marsh. The 5 pairs of Arctic Tern were putting on a good show, as were 2 day flying Barn Owl at the far west end.


There had been a mini influx of Eider with 5 on the reserve (2m, 3f), also singing Corn Bunting and a couple of fly past Yellow Wags


The Terns made me think about the Docks, so I headed over to have a look how the Common Tern colony was shaping up this year. As always, it was a great spectacle and nice to see 5 Arctic in with them too – 2 pairs look to be nesting. It’s one of the best places to compare these 2 and it gets even more interesting later in the year when the 1st summer birds start to drop in.



Finally a GBB looked like it had been up to no good as it loitered at the end of the pontoon – look at that bill!


UPDATE – a quick dash to Hesketh to get the White-winged Black Tern this afternoon was well worth it, what a stunner. Shame I only managed a couple of very poor record shots, but watched it for a decent period before I needed to be back home for BBQ duties.



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