From Russia with Love

As I made my way to Hesketh in the driving rain, I questioned the sense in attempting the sea wall in this weather. Beggars can’t be choosers so I rocked and rolled up the  challenging entrance road and stuck the waterproofs on. A Barn Owl hunting by the car park again lifted the spirits

IMG_5681 (Copy)

As I got to the top of the bank, first impression wasn’t great as there seemed to be little on the pools, but then a small flock of Dunlin went che-reeting past and I could see through the scope that the water past the log was full of waders. A good grilling of them produced 13 species in all with the highlights being my first Spotted Red and Greenshank of the year feeding together, Jack Snipe, 30+ Grey Plover, 300+ Dunlin and my first 2 site Avocets of the year too – cue some distant, murky wader record shots……

2 or 3 Marsh Harrier hunting the out marsh, but not the hoped for Hen. The rain stopped, but the better waders has disappeared – spooked by a neon clad jogger. On to Marshside where a throng of admirable volunteers were cleaning up the foreshore after the recent big tides. No room to park at the Sand Plant so I had a quick scan of Rimmers and the Scaup was still gatecrashing the Tuftie party (pic from the other day).

IMG_2712 (Copy)

Time to head home, but I’d noticed a big flock of geese the other day in the ploughed fields near Crossens so I pulled in by the car wash and had a walk to see if I could find them again. Something spooked them from a distant field and they ending up whiffling in opposite me into the field by the road. A good scan through them produced a Russian Whitefront peeking out and a leucistic Pink.

The group then went airborne again and landed even closer, with the Whitefront helpfully being the nearest bird and on its own. With very few belly stripes, I presume it’s a 2nd winter bird. A great way to the end the day however old it is.

I won’t mention the football, but GET IN!


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