Tern it in

An early start again to seeĀ  yesterday’s reported Wood Sand near Stanley High School at Marshside. It didn’t disappoint and was feeding away close to the public footpath on the pools. It had disappeared by the time I’d done the golf course and returned, but maybe it was just hiding in some of the rushy […]

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Ding dong the Spring is gone

Around 8 hours of birding at Marshside and the surrounding area over the last 2 days, and the going has been tough. The waders have all but disappeared and there doesn’t seem to be much on the move, but a couple of highlights none the less. First was a site first for me in the […]

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As you were

The weekend’s been a bit of an anti climax after Friday, despite some promising weather over Friday night. Although it’s hard to be disappointed when birds over Saturday and Sunday have included the Temminck’s again on Saturday (although more distant – 1st pic from Friday), Garganey, 2 Glossy Ibis, 4 Curlew Sand, 2 Eider, 10 […]

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Morning Stint

An early morning visit to Marshside paid off today when I found a Temminck’s Stint feeding along the mud edge on Rimmers Marsh. Originally picked up distantly from Hesketh Road Platform doing its mini Common Sand impression, I walked up to the bench at the junction with Marine Drive for a better view. After 10 […]

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Cattle Market

I knew Marshside would be busy today – good birds and good weather always bring a crowd. I got out early to avoid the heat haze and the herds. The golf course was quiet, but a female Sparrowhawk perched up nicely in a tree for me. The wader flock on Rimmers had grown in size […]

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When the Arctic meets the Med

You have to love Spring migration – a real medley of winter and summer species with a good sprinkling of common migrants and a dash of the exotic. Marshside has been on superb form this week, helped by some serious hours put in by the cream of the local regulars. No new finds today, but […]

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Make a joke and I will sigh

Birds popped up all over the marsh today only a few hours after I’d checked the same sites. Little did I know how apt the Black Sabbath track playing on the radio this morning on the way to Marshside would be, but the birds were certainly playing games with me today. That aside, I had […]

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Hop it

Eyes Lane has been pretty good over the last few days with 4 LRP, Ringed Plovers, Dunlin, Whimbrel, Greenshank and Bl t Godwit on the fields as well as a decent number of Corn Bunting and some showy Yellowhammers. But back to Marshside this morning and the golf course at dawn. Still nothing unusual, but […]

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A for effort

Some serious field hours and footsteps covered today, but very little reward – seems like the surrounding areas were scoring, but really struggled for any quality today. Let’s not complain too much, it was great to feel the sun on my back, but the birds just didn’t play ball today. Started at the Golf Course […]

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Unfinished Business

An excellent day on the Ribble – an early start, a few migrants, re-found the Brant and some good company. Started early on the golf course and sand plant which were pretty quiet apart from the newly arrived Willows, Blackcaps and Chiffs. The sand plant had a nice pair of Ringed Plover, a Sprawk and […]

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